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Welcome to Monterey County Strong!

Monterey County Strong supports unemployed and underemployed youth and young adults through living-wage employment and work experience opportunities. Monterey County has potential jobs doing critically important work to create a more resilient future for our county; allowing residents to get paychecks into pockets while hugely benefitting our community at large.

Monterey County Strong participants will participate in a 14-week development program where they will grow their professional skills while working 35 hours per week with an $18 per hour wage. Participants will be set up for success, and get hands-on, real-life experience.

Cohort 1 will work on environmental protection and natural resource management projects with state, county, and local organizations. These include infrastructure and landscape management projects: park and trail maintenance, wildfire prevention, habitat restoration, watershed protection, tree planting, or other conservation projects.

(Cohort 2, beginning in February 2023, will focus on renewable food sources.)

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