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Welcome to the newly redesigned Monterey County Workforce Development Board (MCWDB) website.

The site is an electronic snapshot of the MCWDB and provides insight to the scope, the number, and the value of the programs that make up the workforce system for Monterey County. The MCWDB administers federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) funds to help people who are out of work. I hope that as you click through on the various pages you will get a sense of offerings available in Monterey County to help displaced workers get back into the labor market.

At its core is the mission of the MCWDB is simple: to take those people who are receiving public assistance and help get them into employment. With a short-term investment, WIOA programs (be they job referrals, on the job training, resume coaching, technical assistance, continuing education, or work experience placements) help lessen the drain on public coffers and instead create a new long-term revenue source—a taxpaying wage-earner. Over its lifespan, national data reveals that for every dollar spent on WIOA services, $10.00 have been received in wages. Workforce development is a worthy goal and a good investment.

The work of the WDB is performed by a wide variety of talented and committed individuals who make the system stronger than the sum of its parts. As you tour the site you should be able to get most questions answered, but should you need additional help, please call upon one of the many dedicated staff members whose contact info is on this site for assistance.

Thanks for touring the website.

Warm regards,

Erik Cushman

Publisher, Monterey County Weekly
Chair of the Monterey County Workforce Development Board

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