Grant Awards

AB-109 Public Safety Realignment Program

Monterey County Workforce Development Board continues to collaborate with the Monterey County Probation Department, the lead agency for the implementation of the AB 109 Public Safety Realignment Act special project, in partnership with the Department of Social Services and Office for Employment Training to provide ongoing personal, educational and career counseling, assessment of workforce skills and abilities, and to develop service strategies that encompass appropriate training and placement in subsidized employment opportunities to ex-offenders.

AB 2060 – Supervised Populations Workforce Training Grant

Monterey and Santa Barbara County Workforce Development Board’s have special grant-funded projects to serve supervised populations. Monterey County is serving 60 ex-offenders, through the AB 2060 Supervised Populations Workforce Training grant, on supervised probation via WorkKeys assessments and basic skills remediation when necessary and training in growth sectors such as culinary arts, which speaks to labor market demand for talent in the hospitality/tourism sector, via a network of providers using either Individual Training Accounts (ITA) or on-the-job training (OJT). Training is also provided in the construction trades. Local AB 109 funding provides services for a minimum of 65 participants in Monterey County as well. Santa Barbara County is serving 150 ex-offenders on supervised probation via occupational skills training and post-secondary education leading to employment in the building trades sector which is an identified growth sector in Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties. Services are funded through the AB 2060 Supervised Populations Workforce Training grant.

Building of Region-Wide Sector Pathways

The California Coastal Regional Planning Unit, consisting of Santa Cruz, Monterey, San Luis Obispo, and Santa Barbara County Workforce Development Boards, will build upon the California Workforce Development Boards Unified State Plan to align educational and training provider services with regional industry sector needs. The industry sector needs will be identified with industry, local economic development, and education entities across the region. Initial Industry focus will be with Healthcare because this cluster is well represented across all four counties, is growing, and is providing opportunities for income mobility to people living in our region. The goals will include non-traditional pre and apprenticeship certification and enrollment with industry valued credential attainment.

PROPOSITION 39 2.0 – Pre-Apprenticeship Training and Placement Grant

Monterey, San Benito, and Santa Cruz County Workforce Development Boards have a special Prop. 39 Pre-Apprenticeship Training and Placement grant to serve 55 participants (25 each per county) from targeted populations including Veterans, women, and at-risk youth ages 18-25. The project intends to train participants in green job skills, creating structured pathways to apprenticeships in the field, building the energy-efficiency workforce graduating participants who enter into the green job construction trades. The training and career pathway approach will lead participants into pre-apprenticeship training that creates a pipeline for job seekers to enter into registered apprenticeships and journey-level employment, offering a path to a living wage career. The building trades multi-craft core curriculum (MC3) used during the training offers industry-valued credentials upon successful completion of the course.

Silver Star Program

This project is a partnership between the Monterey County Workforce Development Board, Monterey County Probation Department, Office for Employment Training, and other community-based organizations to support the Silver Star Program with a primary purpose to provide prevention services for youth and their families. The program’s mission is to utilize a multi-agency collaborative of prevention and early intervention services to prevent and reduce gang association, membership, and activities among youth ages 18-21 in Monterey County. Services include job preparation, job placement, youth corps work experience, gang outreach, and gang intervention.

SlingShot Action Plan and Implementation

Monterey County Workforce Development Board (WDB) received $1,000,000 to support an action plan for a SlingShot Accelerating Income Mobility initiative through a regional collaboration, in partnership with the WDBs of Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, and San Luis Obispo. The SlingShot project intends to develop a partnership of industry and community leaders dedicated to working together to help the healthcare industry grow and thrive in the Central Coast region while incorporating the use of Work Keys assessments to certify specific job related skills that help to build and create a competitive and skilled workforce. Healthcare was chosen because it is well represented across the four counties, is growing, and provides opportunities for income mobility. The SlingShot initiative will also serve to establish protocols and promising practices that the Coastal Regional Planning Unit members (Monterey, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, and San Luis Obispo WDBs) will use to address other priority and emerging sectors in the future.

Workforce Innovation Fund (WIF) “Youth Ambassadors for Peace”

The Workforce Innovation Fund (WIF) “Youth Ambassadors for Peace” grant project, funded through the Department of Labor, is designed to provide guidance to youth/young adults toward the completion of secondary education and development of work skills leading to a career with opportunity for advancement. Program services include paid/unpaid internships, work readiness training, personal money management, life skills education, mentoring, and vocational training. The grant is in its third year, with enrollments taking place weekly and site locations for internships continue to be developed and secured. Organizations that are referring individuals that meet the parameters of this special project include Rancho Cielo, Epicenter and Motivating Individual Leadership for Public Advancement (MILPA).

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