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Monterey County Cadre

The Monterey County Cadre is the Monterey County Workforce Development Board’s Youth and Young Adult program designed for Monterey County youth and young adults to help them earn a living and gain valuable work experience while giving back to their community.

Summer Work Experience Programs

The Monterey County Workforce Development Board is offering youth and young adults (ages 16-30) a variety of summer work experience programs leading to opportunities to work with small businesses in social media; assist at city and county government administrative offices, parks, and community centers; repair and maintain California’s State Parks in Monterey County; or intern with a cutting-edge aeronautical company: Joby Aviation!

If you are interested in any of these summer work experience/employment opportunities, check out the opportunities below and complete the associated application to be considered for these work experience opportunities.

Check out the Monterey County Cadre programs below!

GREEN CADRE – Coming Soon!

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