Labor Market Information

Labor Market Information

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Labor Market Information (LMI) is any information related to the workforce. Labor market data includes updates on employment levels, wages, occupational projections, and population trends as well as a local analysis on industry clusters, emerging industries, labor force, economy, population trends, and much more!

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For Job Seekers 

LMI is used to make informed career and employment decisions. LMI can help you prepare for the job market and make strong career choices that will ensure your future success.

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For Employers & Policy Makers

LMI is most often used to help make informed business decisions that are responsive to labor market demands and economic conditions, ultimately leading to better business success.

State of the Workforce for Monterey County

Reimagination and Recovery After the Covid-19 Pandemic

The Monterey County Workforce Development Board engaged BW Research to develop a state of the workforce analysis as the region begins to come out from under the influence of the COVID-19 pandemic. The unprecedented turmoil in the economy and labor force caused by the pandemic has left thousands of local workers unemployed and businesses shuttered. One silver lining of the destruction and upheaval caused by the pandemic is an opportunity to reimagine the world of work. The data in this report seek to not only discuss what effects the pandemic has had, but also generate thought and discussion around opportunities to revise the world of work and workforce development in Monterey County.

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