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The Adult Program’s emphasis is on serving a wide range of individuals. The program provides adult individuals with workforce preparation, career services, training services, and job placement assistance needed to increase occupational skill attainment, obtain industry-recognized credentials, and secure a good job that provides earnings that lead to self-sufficiency. The program serves individuals and helps employers meet their workforce needs.

Dislocated (Displaced) Worker Defined

A dislocated worker is an individual who meets one of the five definitions required for certification as a Dislocated Worker:

1a)  Has been terminated or laid off, or has received a notice of termination or layoff from employment; AND

1b) Is eligible for or has exhausted unemployment insurance; OR has been employed for a duration sufficient to demonstrate attachment to the workforce, but is not eligible for unemployment insurance due to insufficient earnings or having performed services for an employer that were not covered under State unemployment compensation law; AND

1c)  It is unlikely to return to a previous industry or occupation.

2) Has been terminated or laid off, or received notification of termination or layoff, from employment as a result of a permanent closure of, or substantial layoff at, a plant, facility, or enterprise; OR Is employed at a facility, where the employer has made the general announcement that the facility will close within 180 days.

3) Was self-employed (including employment as a farmer, a rancher, or a fisherman) but is unemployed as a result of general economic conditions in the community or because of a natural disaster.

4) Is a displaced homemaker. The term “displaced homemaker” means an individual who has been providing unpaid services to a family member in the home and who has been dependent on the income of another family member but is no longer supported by that income; OR, is the dependent spouse of a member of the Armed Forces on active duty and whose family income is significantly reduced because of a deployment, call or order to active duty, a permanent change of station or the service-connected death or disability of the member AND is unemployed or underemployed and is experiencing difficulty in obtaining or upgrading employment.

5) Is the spouse of a member of the Armed Forces on active duty, and who has experienced a loss of employment as a direct result of relocation to accommodate a permanent change in duty station of such member; OR, is the spouse of a member of the Armed Forces on active duty and who is unemployed or underemployed and is experiencing difficulty in obtaining or upgrading employment.

Adult and Dislocated Work Flyer

Adult Re-Entry Programs

Prison to Employment Adult Re-Entry Program – Turning Point                     
344 Salinas Street, Suite 209
Salinas, CA 93901

Referral Based Program Only
The KickStart Program is available on a referral base only.
(Non-referral services and programs are listed above).
KickStart Re-Entry Employment Program (AB-109 Referral Based Only)
20 E. Alisal Street, Salinas, CA 93901
(831) 796-1231

Please note our minimum requirements for job seekers:

  • Authorization to Work. An individual must have the authorization to work in the United State to be eligible to receive Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA) employment services, and
  • Selective Service Registration. Men born on or after January 1, 1960, residing in the United States (citizen or non-citizen) must register with Selective Service between their 18th and 26th birthday to be eligible for WIOA services.
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Our Locations

Salinas Career Center
344 Salinas Street, Suite 203
Salinas, CA  93901
(831) 796-3335
Services: Adult & Displaced Workers

Marina Career Center
MPC Education Center at Marina
289 Twelfth Street, Room 201
Marina, CA  93933   
(831) 597-2858
Services: Adult & Displaced Workers, Young Adults

Seaside Career Center
Monterey Adult School
1295 La Salle Blvd, Building #14 (Enter from Playa)
Seaside, CA  93955
(831) 708-6484
Services: Adult & Displaced Workers, Young Adults

Hartnell College – Castroville Education Center
10241 Tembladera St.
Castroville, CA  95012
(831) 708-6511
Services: Adult & Displaced Workers, Young Adults

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