DOL Directives & Notices

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) Employment and Training Administration (ETA) regularly publishes and distributes notices, advisories, and guidance letters. These documents, as they pertain to the Monterey County Workforce Development Board, will be posted to this page.

EDD Directives & Notices


WSD20-03– Audit Requirements

WSD20-02– Calculating Local Area Performance and Nonperformance

WSD20-01– WIOA Regional Planning Units

WSD19-14– Emergency Cooperation Agreements

WSD19-13– Selection of AJCC Operators and Career Services Providers

WSD19-12– High Performing Boards

WSD19-11– State Level Performance Goals and Local Area Negotiations

WSD19-10– Recovery of WIOA Tuition and Training Refunds

WSD19-09– Strategic Co-Enrollment – Unified Plan Partners

WSD19-08– CalJOBS Roles and Responsibilities – Local Area MIS Administrator

WSD19-07– 70 Percent LLSIL and Poverty Guidelines for 2019

WSD19-06– CalJOBS Activity Codes

WSD19-05– Monthly and Quarterly Financial Reporting Requirements

WSD19-04– Priority of Service for Veterans and Eligible Spouses

WSD19-03– Performance Guidance

WSD19-02– Worker Displacement Prohibition

WSD19-01– Incumbent Worker Training

WSD18-17– Federal Bonding Program

WSD18-16– Guidance on Regional Awards

WSD18-15– Indirect Cost Rates

WSD18-14– Subsequent Local Area Designation and Local Board Recertification

WSD18-12– WIOA Memorandums of Understanding

WSD18-11– Certification Process for Affiliate and Specialized AJCCs

WSD18-10– WIOA Training Expenditure Requirement

WSD18-09– Services and Referrals to Victims of Human Trafficking

WSD18-08– Disaster National Dislocated Worker Grant Guidance

WSD18-07– Salary and Bonus Limitations for 2018

WSD18-06– Subrecipient and Contractor Distinctions

WSD18-05– WIOA Grievance and Complaint Resolution Procedures

WSD18-03– Pathway to Services, Referral, and Enrollment

WSD18-02– Data Change Request Form Procedure

WSD18-01– Regional and Local Plans PY 17-21 – Two Year Modifications

WSD17-10– Addition of the CalJOBS Title III – Wagner-Peyser Registered Individual Application

WSD17-09– Mandated Use of VOSGreeter Module in CalJOBS

WSD17-08– Procurement of Equipment and Related Services

WSD17-07– WIOA Youth Program Requirements

WSD17-06– Organizational Information Change

WSD17-05– Oversight and Monitoring of Nondiscrimination and EO Procedures

WSD17-03– Limited English Proficiency

WSD17-01– Nondiscrimination and Equal Opportunity Procedures

WSD16-23– Mandated Use of One Integrated Data System – Direct Data Key Entry into CalJOBS

WSD16-20– Certification Process for Comprehensive AJCCs

WSD16-19– Youth Service Eligible Provider List

WSD16-18– Selective Service Registration

WSD16-17– CalJOBS Cash Request

WSD16-16– Allowable Costs and Prior Written Approval

WSD16-15– Dislocated Worker Additional Assistance Projects

WSD16-12– Reauthorization of the WOTC Program

WSD16-10– Property – Purchasing, Inventory, and Disposal

WSD16-08– Release of Confidential UI Information

WSD16-07– Regional and Local Planning Guidance for PY 2017-2020

WSD16-07 (accessible)– Regional and Local Planning Guidance for PY 2017-2020

WSD16-05– WIOA Closeout Requirements

WSD16-04– Rapid Response and Layoff Aversion Activities

WSD16-03– Unilateral De-Obligation

WSD15-26– Subsidized Employment and Employee Benefits

WSD15-25– WIOA Program Income

WSD15-23– Transfer of Funds – WIOA Adult/Dislocated Worker Programs

WSD15-22– Consultant Services and Pay

WSD15-20– FFATA Compensation Data Reporting Requirements

WSD15-19– Revised Amendment to PY 2015-16 RR Allocations and Guidance on Use of these Funds for WIOA Transition Activities

WSD15-14– WIOA Adult Program Priority of Service

WSD15-09– Impact of WIOA Implementation on Waivers Approved Under WIA

WSD15-08– Funds Utilization Requirements for WIOA Funds

WSD15-07– WIOA Eligible Training Provider List – Policy and Procedures

WSD14-15– WIOA and TAA Co-Enrollment Policy and Procedures

WSD14-10– Initial Local Area Designation and Local Board Certification Under WIOA

WSD14-04– WIA Title I Eligibility

WSD13-13-Contracts with Higher Education or Eligible Training Providers

WSD13-11– CalJOBSSM Participant Reporting

WSD12-18– Incident Reporting

WSD12-9– Criminal Record Restrictions and Impact Based on Race and Nationality

WIAD05-17– Audit Resolution

WIAD05-2– Local Area Modification Process


WIAD04-22– State-Required Surveys of Dislocated Workers


WIAD02-14– 15 Percent Project Requirements

WIAD02-6– Subsequent Designation of Temporary and State Board Recommended LWIAs


WIAD01-5– Debt Collection


WIAD00-7– Standards for Oversight and Instructions for Substate Monitoring

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