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Training Grants Available to Upskill Your Workers and Make Your Company More Competitive

The Monterey County Workforce Development Board is offering training grants to Monterey County employers wanting to upskill their seasoned (incumbent) workers. These grants, provided through our Incumbent Worker Training Program, can help qualifying firms to upgrade the skills of existing employees to help the business remain competitive, increase profits, and support the growth of the business.

Incumbent Worker Training Grants
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You pay for the training up front and we reimburse a portion of the cost.

The amount of the training grant offered to the employer while attending a training program is based upon the number of business employees, and shall not be less than the percentages shown in the graphic to the right.

Next Steps

Review IWT grant application documents:

1. Employer Application
2. Employer Agreement
3. Collective Bargaining Agency Form (if applicable)
  a. Exhibit I-Training Matrix
  b. Exhibit II -Budget
4. CalJOBS Employee Registration
5. Contract Checklist
6. Training Outline

Please note our minimum requirements for job seekers:

  • Authorization to Work. An individual must have the authorization to work in the United State to be eligible to receive Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA) employment services, and
  • Selective Service Registration. Men born on or after January 1, 1960, residing in the United States (citizen or non-citizen) must register with Selective Service between their 18th and 26th birthday to be eligible for WIOA services.
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Employer Basic Requirements

Employers must be in operation at least twelve months and employ at least five full-time employees, be financially viable and current on all state and federal tax obligations.

If several employees will participate in the training, the majority of those employees must satisfy the six-month employment history requirement.

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Employee Eligibility

To be eligible to participate in the training, the employee must be at least 18 years of age, be employed full time, and have at least a six-month work history with your company at the start of the training program.

The employee’s individual hourly wage should be at least $14.00/hour.

Launch the Job Description Writer and Help Page Below

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Learn more about how The Employment Training Panel’s Apprenticeship Program is supporting job retention in California, through training. Click the image below to view the video.
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