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What is Rapid Response?

Rapid Response is a team of local professionals who assist employers at risk of closing, downsizing and/or laying off employees with high quality services and resources to help employers sustain and retain jobs.


Benefits to Employers

  • Connection to information, local resources, and incentives that support and aid in retaining and strengthening your business.
  • Access to the Shared Work Program that allows employers to reduce the hours employees work instead of laying them off. Employees enrolled in this program collect partial Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits to offset the loss in income. This helps you retain a skilled workforce and ramp up faster once the economy rebounds.
  • Guidance, options, and solutions BEFORE layoffs occur while simultaneously maintaining employee morale and productivity.


Benefits to Employees

  • Work-site informational sessions covering unemployment insurance, community resources, small business/entrepreneurship, reemployment, career options, and training opportunities.
  • Assessment of job readiness.
  • Job search, job placement, and resume prep assistance.
  • Career guidance and access to labor market information.
  • Help to prepare for interviews.
  • Access to networking groups.
  • Referrals to area employers that are hiring.
  • Focused career fairs.
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Our team of Rapid Response professionals offer help for employers facing closures, downsizing, or layoffs, all at no-cost to employers.

Employment & Training:
Monterey County Workforce Development Board
Rapid Response Coordinator
(831) 796-3387

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Rapid Response

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