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Monterey County Business Council (MCBC)’s “Best Places to Work” in Monterey County

April 25, 2008

On April 25, 2008, the Monterey County Workforce Development Board sponsored the Monterey County Business Council (MCBC)’s awards luncheon to announce to the “Best Places to Work” in Monterey County that represent private, enterprise, non-profit, and government organizations.

The purpose of this event is to pursue the MCBC’s mission to serve businesses and local government by providing collaborative leadership in Monterey County.

  • What is The Best Places To Work?
    It is a national program that was developed to provide a confidential forum for local employers to participate in an evaluation of various local workplace best practices and programs.
  • What can it do for employers?
    The program provides an opportunity for employers to compare themselves to other employers of a similar size in Monterey County. Employers who participate will receive a FREE comprehensive report covering such areas as benefits, performance management, turnover, time off, compensation, and unique benefit programs. This report serves as a tool for Human Resource planning, staff recruitment and retention.
  • About the survey…
    MCBC worked with Personnel Dynamics Consulting to design the 35 questionnaire survey to be measurable, objective and easy to implement that covers different areas of employment. Each participating employer in the survey will receive a personalized report detailing the results.
  • Winners…
    The winners will be recognized at an awards luncheon hosted by MCBC and will be able to designate themselves as a “Best Place To Work” in Monterey County.
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